Brave browser occasionally redirects to

Occasionally, brave redirects to when I click on links on a webpage. Usually these links shall open a link on the same web page that I am on. However, clicking a link opens the page in the same tab, showing a selection of countries/flags.
When I click back, I get back to the initial page. Clicking the same link again usually brings me to the desired page.
This happens 2-3 times a day on my Mac only. Did not experience this on my Windows device, however I am 95% of my time on Mac. This happens with different websites, not always the same. In fact I cannot remember this happened twice on the same website.

You have likely got a rouge extension or adware on your mac, you’ll need to use something like malwarebytes for mac to scan your computer and also go through your extensions on brave to see if there’s anything fishy.

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My malware scanner (CleanmyMac) doesn’t find anything. :thinking:

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Not sure how reliable that is, at work with students i’ve always used malwarebytes on mac.


I also gave malwarebytes a try … without success :man_shrugging:t4:

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What are the extensions installed in the browser?


Hey people, I’m having the same issue since yesterday and I haven’t installed anything new, malwarebytes didn’t show anything either and it started randomly out of nowhere, I couldn’t find anything about this issue googling besides this post, it’s really weird. Are we the first victims of a new malware? I’m also on a Mac running Catalina.

Sorry for the late reply …

The extensions are:

  • 1Password
  • DeePL
  • Download Station (client for Synology NAS)
  • Google Translate
  • Grammarly
  • Tab Session Manager

However, I didn’t have this issue in the last days anymore.

@KaiNie please let us know if the issue occurs again.
@cexoxa are you still encountering this?

Same here, haven’t seen the issue again, it’m puzzled

It happened again today, I was logging into scribd and it redirected me to discounthero.
Also if anyone wants to check, the last link of this page is redirecting too, the one that says: “• Para más información visite la página wiki”
at this link:

I tried with other browsers to see if it could be a global malware but this only happens with brave

I’m also getting this on chrome, but I believe brave is built on top of chromium, which is why it’s able to use the same extensions. I currently have quite a few extensions installed, but the only ones that coincide with @KaiNie are Google Translate and Grammarly.
EDIT: this was on Windows 10

I did not experience this again. It stopped shortly after posting this issue … :man_shrugging:t3:

I’m no longer using Brave because of this security issues, but I have not deleted it because I still have some bookmarks stored in it, and today I was logging into my amazon prime account using brave after a long long time and got redirected to “…”
It’s a shame that such a good browser got useless :frowning:

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