Brave Browser works for one user but does not load for the other

I have two users on my Mac on both I Use Brave Browsers,
Yesterday when i logged in with the other user account I updated the BRave browser, and i worked and working fine, but when i switched to other user and tried opening brave , it wont just load any pages. not even brave home page.
did any one else face this problem .whats the solution?

Hello @Degen3, thank you for reaching us out. have you updated to the most recent version? Did you try deleting cookies and cache lately? If you mean 2 different profiles and just one of them is working? Might be you have a extension or some of them blocking or interfering with the functionality in the other one. If so, try removing all of them or one by one to see which one might be causing this issue. I hope this can resolve your concern. Regards.

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