Brave browser keeps crashing

Hello, so recently i ran into a issue with Brave browser on my PC, it started to constantly crashing so i managed to solve the “constantly crashing” issue by deleting the “7680” folder in

Now it doesn’t constantly crashing, it just crash sometimes, it’s still really annoying.
I do not get any kind of error message.
Any idea how to solve this?

My browser is running the latest update: [Version 1.45.118 Chromium: 107.0.5304.91 (Officiell version) (64 bitar)

Could you try turning off cards on the start page?

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I disabled it now and i’ll make a new post here if it still crash or not. Thanks

This solved the issue. Thank you

Could you Update to the latest version of Brave?
It’s 1.45.118

This issue has been fixed in that.

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I was running the latest version of Brave so apparently the issue was not fixed.

Is it 1.45.118?
This issue was there in the second latest version which is 1.45.116 wthrn was fixed in 1.45.118

Yes I posted the version in my post.

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