Brave Browser keeps asking to be set as default even though it already is on Ubuntu 22.04

On every boot as Brave Browser is launched it asks to be set as default browser, even though it already is on the OS system configuration.

OS: Ubuntu 22.04 kernel v 5.17 64 bit
Brave Version: 1.46.144 snap install

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Hello @guimolnar

how did you install brave
using the command line from this link

or using snap?

Hello @justsomeone1 .

I installed it via snap.

there many issue happen when user install brave using snap

so could you do the folowing

  1. export your bookmark
  2. export your password
  3. do you use brave reward?is it linked to verified account? do not go for step 5 till you answer this one
  4. if you have extensions installed try to know it’s name and if that extension allow to backup it’s configurations
  5. so could you remove brave using snap then install it using those 4 command in this link

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


That worked. Thanks!

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@guimolnar you welcome :slight_smile:

Do you know of any way to fix the problem without reinstalling Brave?

@fexl not sure if running brave in debug mode and read the log would help you or not
but check how it work in chrome and it will apply to brave also

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