Brave not remaining default browser

I am using the latest version of Brave and Ubuntu 20.04.4

When I reboot my pc, brave is no longer the default browser and I am prompted to make it my default browser. Brave is the only browser I have installed so far as I am aware. I am relatively new to Ubuntu so there might be a browser on here that I’m not aware of. I did uninstall firefox about a month ago.

This just started happening yesterday after clicking on a link that redirected my browser to what seemed to be a phishing web site. Also every time I closed and opened brave I would get a pop up(under?) page that would advertise a porn game or something?

I uninstalled brave and reinstalled and the pop up issue is gone. However I continue to get prompted to make brave my default.

Any thoughts on what my be causing this? Maybe malicious code? Where would I look?

Also if you have a link to any articles or discussions on the topic I would appreciate it. I did a search and did not find anything relating to Brave on Ubuntu. It seems weird to me that this happens frequently on windows but not on Ubuntu?


You might need to / want to . . . delete as much of the Cache as you can. Using as a reference:

Your Brave Browser Cache might be at one of:

  • /home/$USER/.cache/Brave-Browser/Default/Cache

  • /home/$USER/.cache/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/Cache

There might be other Cache that are storing info related to your recent adventure. You might search for that Cache, too; and see if something needs to be deleted.

After clearing away such Cache, maybe install Firefox and set it to be the default Internet browser. Then after a restart, set Brave Browser to be the default . . . and see if that test/attempt sticks.

Thank you for your reply. :smiley:

After a little confusion I went to /home/.cache folder. I did not see a folder for brave.

I do see a folder for mozilla. I removed firefox from my PC a while ago. And I see that the folder was recently modified.
Do you have any idea what might modify the folder if Firefox is uninstalled?

For that matter can I just delete everything in the cache?


Update. I went ahead and deleted the firefox folder I found in cache. I restarted brave and it is still telling me that brave is not my default browser. Where else can I look for stuff to delete?


Clearing cache: May be easier and more thorough - BleachBit:

Brave continues to ask me if I want to make it my default browser. I regularly select yes and I have no other browser installed on my computer. I’ve followed the suggestions listed so far with little success.
Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Hi and a belated welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know nothing about Linux. Just curious and have some question. Hope you don’t mind!

  1. What is listed as your default browser at brave://settings/getStarted?
  2. Does Linux OS have options to assign those type settings? I am using windows 10 and I can set Brave to be my default browser in the OS as well as in Brave settings.
  3. Have you tried clearing cache through Brave settings or has this all been actions external to Brave?
  4. I would be concerned about the “pop up(under?) page”, have you tried running an anti-virus/malware program to check even if it is no longer appearing? If you were infected, you could still be infected…
  5. Did you install Brave from the official download page?

Edit: 6. Do you have any extensions installed? Sorry, just mulling over what I posted and this popped up. lol

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