Brave Browser is Crashing my PC


AdBlock tip at another Brave Community page:

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Thanks for the direction. brave-browser is the command on my machine, however

top -o %CPU -p $(pgrep -d ‘,’ brave) fails b/c -p requires an argument

brave-browser -n --args --disable-gpu --enable-leak-detection --crash-on-failure --incognito

starts Brave and top show 76% CPU usage before lockup so I still can’t go to brave://anything at all

I will look at the Ad Block setting next

For alternative solution

Check the thread below.

@Mattches The solution NOTICE: Users seeing browser freeze or crash may have faulty Ad Block Updater component doesn’t not work properly.

In this Brave crash upon opening the solution by @nivakis works perfectly!

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This did not work on my Linux machine

Brave is still crashing my Linux system, even after disabling hardware acceleration, deleting the profile and deleting the ad blocker updater. `brave://crashes shows no crashes.

I changed my Linux kernel from 5.4.0 to 5.11.0, which is the latest that Linux Mint currently supports. I’m slowly returning to Brave. So far so good. I’ll give it a few days to see how it goes.

Ten days and nothing but speculation and workarounds? A bad as I hate it, Firefox still works, Brave doesn’t.

Could try a new Brave profile (from ubuntu).

  1. Close any Brave windows.
  2. cd ~/.config
  3. mv -f BraveSoftware BraveSoftware-bak
  4. Open Brave

Creation of a new profile worked. All my settings and bookmarks are hosed up but the browser no longer kills the machine.

It’s been four days, and no crashes other than my own screw-ups (like accidentally shutting off the power strip with my foot) have occurred. I attribute the news to my moving to a more recent Linux kernel.

I still have hardware acceleration turned off.

Note to Brave developers: Please investigate whether a minimum level of the Linux kernel is required. If so, please communicate this as a prerequisite to installation. I had been on a LTS release. But, apparently, this was not sufficient.


The linux kernel isn’t tied to Brave. As with any linux application it’ll have other prerequisites, assuming your distro is recent enough (and keeps the Brave package up to date).

Well, I just put an update on my Brave browser, and it started crashing again. No more. I reverted the update and have inhibited all future updates to Brave.

I’m having the same problem, has anyone found a solution?

I’m getting 30+ second freezes with no response from any input device. Then it suddenly just frees itself.

Brave is from the Manjaro Linux Official Repositories:

Version 1.34.80 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) unknown (64-bit) - although, looks like it’s behind latest at time of writing: V1.34.81.

Kernel: 5.15.16-1-MANJARO
CPU: Intel i5-4690K (4) @ 4.000GHz
Memory: 3862MiB / 15954MiB

I may try the AUR Brave-Bin package again, as it’s a version or so forward.

Anyway, I’m happy to troubleshoot with direction and will post any findings I may discover, if any.

I’m having a very similar problem. Youtube videos on Brave are a bit blurry and will begin to appear glitchy. Then my computer will freeze for about 10 seconds right before the entire PC hard reboots. No other websites seem to cause this issue. I thought maybe my graphics card was dying but I’ve been testing it out the past week and it works perfectly fine otherwise. None of my other browsers(with their hardware acceleration turned on) or 3D applications have any problems. Disabling hardware acceleration on Brave seems to stop Youtube from crashing my PC but I need hardware acceleration for other websites. I’ve attempted the other solutions suggested around here, such as deleting the cffkpbalmllkdoenhmdmpbkajipdjfam folder, but they don’t seem to help.

My system specs are:
OS: Windows 10 with latest updates
CPU: Ryzen 3600
GPU: RX 5700 with latest drivers
RAM: 32GB at 3200MHz

@SomeGuyToo , @natetronn ,

What “Mattches” requests:

@SomeGuyToo , remembering “cffkpbalmllkdoenhmdmpbkajipdjfam” . . . rang a bell when testing by @avid found the problematic: “chrome-extension://mnojpmjdmbbfmejpflffifhffcmidifd”, re that link.

This crash issue is currently happening to me using Brave Nightly. I will try these tweaks mentioned here, it seems like a GPU issue.