Brave Browser forces login page sometimes repeatedly until finally logging in

Recently, past couple of months, the Brave browser has started forcing login several times before finally logging into various websites. Specifically, i will enter login credentials (correctly) and hit the required option (Ok, login, etc) and the site will think for a second or two before returning and forcing another login attempt. Some sites require 3 or 4 attempts before finally working. This is not the same as the issue some users are having with saved passwords as i do not save any passwords for any sites.

This login issue in Brave browser might be related to cookies, cache, or site permissions. Try clearing browser data, checking cookie settings, and ensuring that site permissions are configured correctly. If the problem persists, consider updating the browser or reaching out to Brave support for assistance.

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Can you please provide more detailed information about your setup as was requested in the editor?

  • What OS are you using?
  • What Brave version are you using?
  • What specific sites are you seeing this behavior on?

Mattches, my browser version says up to date and it is 1.61.116. I am on Windows 11 version 22H2. I see this issue regularly on several sites (,,, etc).

To be fair, I just noticed that i am also seeing this at times with Microsoft Edge. I am using Starlink as my internet provider and i wonder if there is not some communication issue / delay that is contributing to the issue?

I am using windows 11 version 22H2 and Brave version 1.61.120. I frequently see the issue on sites including,,, etc. To be fair, i have noticed it a few times lately also when using Microsoft Edge. My internet provider is Starlink so i wonder if their is come correlation there with some sort of communication delay, etc?

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