Brave Browser changed crypto deposit address

I apparently lost my funds when transferring from Binance to KuCoin because Brave Browser changed the deposit address which I copied from KuCoin. Right now it is still showing a different address than in other browsers (Edge for example) or my mobile app and I’m sorting things out with their support. I’m a computer engineer and always triple checking things like this while keeping my system clean and safe, but apparently this is not enough…

This seems to me like a HUGE security threat? Anyone from Brave Support who can help?
I have proofs of my transactions.

Best regards

Apparently you didn’t :slight_smile: If the address was not the same you should have noticed before clicking the button.

If you are trying to reach the Brave Support, you need to open a support call. They may eventually see this post here in the community, or maybe not.

@poopy Do you mean you were transferring funds on Binance Smart Chain from Brave Wallet to kucoin? Did you tranfer to kucoin exchange or crypto wallet (self-custody)?

Are you saying, you seeing different deposit address in edge, mobile and in Brave? Can you elaborate more?

The virus apparently only affected the Brave Browser by changing the addresses. Edge was unaffected.
It was a Trojan “Coinstealer”. Needed a few antivirus programs to get rid of all the threats.

That’s bad. But looks like the virus lived upto its name.

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