Typo on Brave.com/learn

I’ve spent the whole night trying to find a simple way to email you or report a typo with a form. Instead I have to sign up and verify and go through a tutorial with a blasted bot, and then somewhere there’s supposed to be a bug report form but I don’t know where.

I just wanted to let you know of a small but slightly awkward typo you have on https://brave.com/learn/set-up-crypto-wallet/

Instead of BTC you have “BAT” in this sentence:

As such, you’ll want to make sure you send and receive crypto to the correct address. For example, if you send bitcoin (BAT) to an ether (ETH) wallet address, you could lose that crypto forever.

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I just wish there were a user-friendly “report” option on pages, which could allow typos or link rot to be reported (anonymously if desired) without this tour of several outer circles of Hell, that you put me through.

Thanks @Gaeaphile - I’ll forward to the appropriate team members. Thanks again for flagging!

Nice spot @Gaeaphile!

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Hi @Gaeaphile, just wanted to let you know that this has been fixed! Thanks again!