Brave beta not deleting Cookies on exit

This option is actually new and likely came along with an update to chromium. I actually had no idea it was there until recently. We have an open issue for it, but it was made before the option existed so we may need to adjust it.

That said, you’re correct partially. The setting doesn’t actually work as intended - that is, if you enter any web address into the Clear on Exit option for Cookies, cookies from those sites will not be deleted and your sessions will be restored.

However! While I was testing this, I tried entering less specific domains. This also didn’t work but gave me the idea to try different input methods. Here’s what I found:

  1. Entering any site URL in standard form (ie, - Cookies persist and session data is saved
  2. Entering any site URL with port number specified (ie, - Cookies are deleted, session data is cleared
  3. (Bonus) Entering any site URL of the form ([*.] - Assuming you entered the proper domain, cookies are deleted, session data is cleared

Can you try altering the URL to reflect one of the above (working) options and see if this resolves the issue?