Brave becomes unresponsive to keyboard after maximizing a window that had been minimized

How to reproduced

  1. Open at least one tab in a maximized window, private or not. Ideally, load something that takes up more than the height of your screen. For example, brave://settings will do nicely.

  2. Minimize the window.

  3. Maximize the window.

  4. Try one or more of the following actions, using your keyboard:

    • Press Alt+D to access the address bar.
    • Press the down-arrow key to scroll the page up.
    • Press Alf+F to open the Brave menu.
    • Press Ctrl+Shift+D to open the bookmarks manager.
    • Press Ctrl+H to open the browsing history.

Actual result

  • The cursor doesn’t go to the address bar. The focus is nowhere.
  • The page doesn’t scroll.
  • The menu doesn’t open.
  • The bookmarks manager doesn’t open.
  • The browsing history doesn’t open.

Expected result
Should always remain responsive to keyboard.

Brave Version
This bug has been present since 1.64.116 or slightly before.

Additional Information
Tested on three different computers, all running either Linux Mint 21.2 or Debian 12.4.0, all with the MATE DE.

Access any other window (it doesn’t have to be a Brave window) and come back to the maximized Brave window: normal functionality will have been restored. In other words, Brave is unresponsive to keystrokes only after the last action was to restore the window from the minimized state. When we return to the same window without having minimized it, keystrokes are properly detected.