Backup all datas

I had a problem with my internet adapter and my last option was resseting the windows, a 80% of my data was saved, including BraveSoftware folder. How can I backup all my data from another account(I am in a sync chain with that account but rewards, history, settings and another stuff did not backed up, I could backup only bookmarks and opened tabs?

@denisbog7 There’s no official backup for Rewards. Your History, Settings, etc should be synced depending on which devices are synced and if you gave permission in Sync settings for each. Though it’s not perfect. For example, synced History is only for typed history (URL links you manually typed, not for sites you clicked to visit)

On a Desktop, if you copied the \brave-browser folder and moved it over, it should have brought everything (except passwords) over. So you would have done the backup, installed Brave on device, replaced the \brave-browser folder, and then kind of been back to normal. As for passwords, you’d need to have done an Export Password and bring it that way or you’d have to sync them over.

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