Brave automatically opens

Whenever I start up my computer now, Brave automatically opens.

I double-checked that I had closed it and tried rebooting computer, but Brave still opened itself when startup was done.

I looked in settings but couldn’t find anything I thought would cover this.

Operating System: MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 (19C57)
[Brave Version 1.2.43 Chromium: 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

I am never been on a forum before, so I hope I did this right.

Thank you


Welcome, @Jen_Gun, and decent post. You included the essentials, for sure.

Have a look at this and see if there’s anything helpful:

Hi @hnktong. Thanks for that. I tried turning Hangouts off, and a bunch of other things but it is still doing.

Weird. The tools I posted in the other thread are mostly free and harmless and provide additional insight, so do give one a try if you haven’t already.

I found a workaround for running 32-bit applications in Catalina, so I finally upgraded, so maybe I’ll experience the same behavior. Of course, I don’t reboot very often, so I’ll make a point of doing so a bit.

In fact, I wonder if the problem is actually ubiquitous and people just don’t know because they don’t reboot, putting their machines to sleep instead if anything?

I agree, it probably goes unnoticed because we all just leave our computers on all the time, and it doesn’t really cause any serious problems. I am just a bit old-school and believe that programs should do as I tell them, not as they please.

I did just notice something though. I have the icon for Brave on my dock, and when I right-click the option comes up to “Open at Login”. See screenshot. I thought its simple from here; just untick that…but it won’t untick when I click on it.

Any ideas where else that command might be in the settings? Perhaps it needs to be unticked there?

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On Macs the main thing to check would be in

System Preferences > Users & Groups

Select your user on the left then click Login Items tab.

You may have gotten an item that opens brave when you login. If you got that, select it and press the “-” button. Then check the brave dock icon again.

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Thank you megaspaz! That worked a treat. Much appreciated

@Jen_Gun, if you click on the quoted post from above, it takes you to the complete post offering many locations for startup items and suggesting several tools to make things easier. It took me a while to learn the idiosyncrasies of this forum engine, and it’s easy to miss little things like that. For convenience, here is the link (click this hotlinked text or the hotlinked URL):

When the URL is posted by itself without tags to force it to be seen in its raw form, the forum engine creates a preview that can be clicked, as above in the earlier post and as below for an example. Note the elipsis at the end of the preview (bar of ne...) indicating that it’s not the complete post:

Hi hnktong,

I got a message from megaspaz which directed me to the user settings and login options, where I managed to remove brave from the list and now it only opens when I ask it to.

Thanks for your help with my issue. It was hard reaching out for the first time and wondering if anyone would reach back.


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