Brave asking where to save downloads

Since v1.50.114, Brave is asking where to save each file before downloading. This change seems to go along with downloads moving to the Toolbar, and the “anyone using this device can see downloaded files” prompt.

There used to be a flag somewhere for turning this off, but I can’t find it. I don’t want these extra steps every time I download something. I just want it to download to my default folder, like it always has.


BTW, I’d also prefer to have my downloads across the bottom like they used to be. It takes up page real estate, I know, but it also is a reminder that I have downloads to deal with.

Also, I’d love to turn off that “anyone using this device” prompt. I don’t need to be reminded how how the Finder works.

For the downloads to appear at the bottom, go to brave://flags and disable flags ‘Download Bubble’ and ‘Download bubble v2’

As for it asking where to store each file, go to settings → Downloads → Disable ‘ask where to save each file before downloading’

Thanks @SmartyAadi, but “ask where to save” is already disabled. But I’ve come to realize this is mostly happening with images that have been popped over by the Imagus extension, so there’s some kind of clash between the updated Brave downloader and that extension.

Thanks for pointing me to the Download Bubble flag!

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