Is there a way to set Brave to always default to the downloads folder?

I’ve been searching, but I can’t find this specific use case anywhere. I have Brave downloads to go to the Downloads folder. I also have Brave set to ask for a destination each time a download happens. Like so:

With this setup, Brave remembers the last place you downloaded something, and uses that as the destination for any new downloads. I use Arch Linux. I dunno if this is expected behavior, but I find it extremely annoying. I want it to default to Downloads on every download, and if I want to change the destination, I will. I constantly have to run around trying to remember where I last downloaded something in some really-nested-directory, because I forgot to change it back to Downloads.

Click on the Ask where to save each file before downloading toggle to disable it. Files will be downloaded to the default configured location, in your case /home/bh/Downloads without the browser prompting the user for a destination.

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