"Ask where to save each file before downloading" toggle doesn't work

Brave keeps asking where to download even if I have the toggle switched to disabled.
See this 2 year old thread for reference.

It still hasn’t been solved and is actually very annoying.

Same problem on Mac, since v1.50.114. Getting the Save As overlay for every download, even though this setting is switched off.

Yes this is very annoying and has started in the last two weeks. It is clearly a bug. I do not want a confirmation for every download and would like to automatically download to the folder that I have chosen

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Same here - (even switched to beta 1.51.87 - same problem)

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Does anyone from Brave read this? Or are we waisting our time?

Thank you all for reporting.
Can you all tell me where/what type of files you’re trying to download?

Any file from the web. If I have a designated folder to store files in the brave setting, it should be not be prompting or expecting a confirmation for each file. Easiest way to replicate the issue is go to a web page that has images and try saving them.

Thanks for the information.
This is actually why I asked — there is a difference between initiating a download vs directly saving content from a web page (via right-click). The right-click Save [content] as... option will always ask you where to save the image or whatever content you’re saving.

This is the equivalent of (for example) opening MS Word and going to File --> Save as... — even if you’ve already saved the file somewhere, Save as... assumes you want to change either the file name or it’s location. So Ask where to save each file before downloading will not apply to these types of actions.

However, if you actually initiate a file download — such as (for example) going to brave.com and clicking Download, these actions will respect the state of that toggle. Observe the behavior below (apologies for the video quality, for some reason it cut off way more than I had intended it to):

First of all, I appreciate you taking time to look into this for me. Some where along the behavior of Brave changed and it behaves as you describe. However it did not do that in the recent past. Additionally, Chrome, Edge which are also based of Chromium do not do this.

Also under options in Brave as you can see under downloads, I have disabled the ‘ask me where to save before downloading’

So some thing is missing or the implementation is not correct in my opinion.


Happy to help.

On my end, I am seeing the exact same behavior in Chrome. When this option is toggled “off” — that is, the browser will not ask you where to download files — the expected behavior is as described above. See the example in Chrome below.

When I have this option toggled off, observe that initiating an actual download will automatically go to the pre-defined location:

If I go to save an image via the context menu, Chrome prompts me to choose the location I’d like to save the file:

This behavior has always been this way as far as I know. Again, this particular function only refers to buttons/links that specifically include the download attribute or some equivalent. You can test this yourself easily enough and you should see the same behavior as I am.

Check out the behavior of the websites listed below in Brave vs Chrome/Edge


Click a picture and hit the download icon. You will see that for Brave - it always asks where to save - while in Chrome/Edge if the download folder is already set in the settings, it downloads without any questions. Brave used to behave that way until recently.

Hope this provides enough information to see the issue.

Thanks !!

I do not see this behavior on my end. At first, I realized that I was performing my tests on macOS and thought maybe the issue is OS specific. But as shown in the recording below, I see the same behavior on my Win10 device as I do in macOS — which is the behavior working as I described above:
image dl test

The above is using the latest build of Brave stable in Windows 10.
So I’m really not sure why your browser is not performing this way. If you’re willing, could you try downloading Brave Beta and testing the behavior there to see if it behaves the same as your stable installation (note that installing/running the Beta will not overwrite or replace any data from your stable installation, it’ll install as a separate browser)?

I reinstalled brave. It seems to work, but does not work in the incognito mode. Wonder if there is a setting for it.

I do not think there is any setting for this, although I do think that the private browsing windows should maintain any valid settings in the main profile.

So I think the issue is more that there’s been a significant and reasonably annoying change in behaviour over the last few weeks (Coinciding with the new download button/area).

E.g. any download button/link which would previously have just auto-picked the file name and fired it into the downloads has started asking for a filename.
Obviously this absolutely kills the flow of certain greasemonkey scripts, etc which aren’t expecting the file picker dialogue to block the thread.

(As expected anything along the lines of “right click → save as” will ask for a filename).

The “ask me where” toggle seemed to fix it for normal mode, but not private browsing.
So it’s looking like it’s legitimately a fresh bug.


Yes - You are correct. So can you bring this to the attention of the support/engineering team to fix it ? Thanks…

I’ve opened the following issue for this:

It actually looks like initiating a file download in a Private browser actually toggles the switch on (if it’s set to off) in you standard window so the bug is actually more involved than initially thought.

Thanks for reporting guys.

It actually looks like this issue has already been fixed and will be landing in 1.53x:

My bad for not searching before opening the issue :sweat_smile:

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