Brave are in Breach of The Data Protection Act 2018 by Not providing a facility to Clear THEIR Data

The Facility to ‘Clear’ Browsing History is NOT working and from what I can see from doing a search is that it has not been working for some time. I had the ‘‘Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows’’ option chosen. I have wasted a whole night trying to delete items from my browsing history only for them to reappear again. I get a notification saying ‘‘Your search engine is DuckDuckGo. See their instructions for deleting your search history, if applicable’’. Duck Duck Go say they don’t save any data’‘. Brave say ‘‘Brave does not store any record of users’ browsing history’’. Well then why am I seeing a list of my browsing history with boxes beside them. Such behaviour would make me doubt the safety of my data.
As an EU Citizen under the Data Protection Act 2018 it is my Legal right to have my Data erased from a Database. Brave are in breach of the Data Protection act 2018 by not only not providing this facility but Brave make it as difficult as possible for someone to Clear their browsing history. For a browser that advertises itself as being ‘Private and Safe’ their behaviour does not inspire confidence or trust in them. There are hefty fines for Breaching the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, some up to 200,000,000 if you get reported to The Data Protection Commission. For a company who shouts so much about how unlike Google they are, their tactics and their ‘help community’ say otherwise. And Another thing I DO NOT find it very helpful or considerate of them to have my Laptop shut down without any warning while I am Working for them to update their software. I found a facility where one could delay the updates until a more suitable time but that was overriden.



What you are referring here is simply not possible. Any Judge will throw out such a bogus case and fine you for wasting their time, as it has everything to do with individual user settings rather than the browser.

1.) They have already given option to ‘Clear data on Exit’ via brave://settings/clearBrowserData.
In the Exit section, you can tick mark History which will erase all your history stored in browser on every exit.
The same can be done for cookies via above link.
Have you added any sites in ‘Sites that always use cookies’, if so delete the sites.

2.) In duck duck go case, check your cookies related to ddg cookies. You are definitely storing ddg cookies from
Also, uncheck (orange to white) brave://settings/privacy, ‘Autocomplete Searches and URL’s’.

It says so, as you can store your search history on the search engine server. For google, search history can be stored via google account, for bing via microsoft account etc.

3.) Laptop shutdown again has nothing to with brave. No application on an OS (windows/mac) have control over it as to shutdown the device (in most cases like browser). The OS only has control over it. And even if brave was able to shutdown the device, why would it do it? Brave does not mess around the shutdown of your laptop while updating as it needs to get these important security updates to the users. No browser does it.
Again check your OS settings or see if there is any malware/virus on your device as to why it is shutting down.

@Loyola I suggest you do research on this topic. I’ll start you off with the official act first.

Then I’ll also show you an article discussing fingerprinting and all under that act.

Do you have Sync turned on? Do you have it set to Sync history?

Brave isn’t storing that on their servers, unless you authorize as part of Sync where it has to go through that to your device, but even then it’s encrypted and only visible to you. Also, if you want it to always erase cookies and browsing history, you’d be best to use Private window as that is what it is designed to do. If you’re using Brave outside of Private window, then you’re opting for the browser to store bits of your information on your device. It doesn’t go on their servers or anything where they are processing or storing information, which means it still isn’t a violation of Data Protection Act 2018.

This is your first post. You haven’t even given the “help community” a chance to help you before you came in here acting like you understood the law and were some legal expert, accusing Brave of violating an Act they haven’t. How about you try to actually slow down, discuss your issue in more depth, and let people try to help you ease your concerns?

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try CTRL+Shift+DEL to delete. Close browser then do again to see what happens


@Loyola Check your settings.
Brave like any other browser gives the user the opportunity to navigate incognito, to delete his browsing history, cookies, images, … BUT I noticed, in my machine, that when Brave is set to ‘Continue running background apps when Brave is closed’ @ brave://settings/system, it deletes none of what is supposed to delete ON EXIT @ brave://settings/clearBrowserData, even when restarting my device!

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Google became the owner of back in 2010 when it acquired On2 Technologies, a company formerly known as The Duck Corporation.

In December 2018, it was reported that Google transferred ownership of the domain name to DuckDuckGo.

Contrary to popular misconception, Google doesn’t own DuckDuckGo. Nevertheless, DDG partners with many companies including Google, Microsoft, Yandex, and others.

Also contrary to popular misconception, the European Union does CANNOT dictate rules to online companies operating outside the European Union. Ergo, you have NO “legal right” to force DuckDuckGo, which is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, to do anything.

Sincere you’re obvious dissatisfied with this FREE product whose lack of cost removes consideration from the table thereby nullifying all contractual obligations, I strongly suggest you exercise your right to walk away and avail yourself of one of the many other fine browsers out there.

Now, if you’d like to browse both securely AND privately, DO THESE:

  1. Use a VPN
  2. Either use Brave’s New Private Window with TOR or use the TOR Browser.
  3. Use Brave’s Search Engine (Settings>>Search Engine and turn off both Web Discovery and Index.

In summary, Brave can certainly do what you want it to, but you must first learn how to properly use it.