Clear browser data doesn't work



Go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData

Select last 7 days

Select all 3 checkboxes (History, Cookies, Cache)

Nothing seems to happen. Infinite spinning wheel. Wait 30 minutes, close browser, reopen, try again, same result.

Assume history will be gone, it is still there.

Reproduce Every Time.

(MacOS Mojave, Brave Version 0.59.34 Chromium: 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Reproducible on current live release: yes


Would you be able to take a short screen recording of this behavior? I’m unable to reproduce this on my end using MacOS Mojave, Brave Release v0.59.34 - all data is cleared as intended.


I have the same problem with the infinite spinning wheel when I try to clear browsing data.
What is so far a solid work-around is an extension called “Clear Browsing Data.”
It works. And it’s faster.


I have experienced this as well.


For anyone experiencing this issue:
Does this happen for any/all data that you select to get cleared? For example - if you were to only select Cache or History to be cleared, is the result the same?


I have noticed the same and it tends to happen when “Block all Filgerprinting” is enabled.

Here is a screenshot:

Edit: Brave 0.59.35 on Ubuntu 16.04.


I’m unable to reproduce this on my end with Block all fingerprinting enabled in Brave v0.59.35.
@where_is_brave_sync - Are you still encountering this issue? What if you select something other than 7 days? Also, just looked at your username - Brave Sync is available in beta form now :slight_smile:


As shown in the Task Manager the GPU Process and Tab Settings increase their CPU usage to about 40 and 20% respectively. When I kill the “Tab settings” process and restart the browser clearing of the browsing data works OK. I feel that “Block all fingerprinting” was somehow involved because another Brave instance that I have used much longer on another PC had been found to have reset to back to “Block 3rd party fingerprinting” and there I didn’t encounter the issue until I switched it to “Block all fingerprinting”…


its true, same issue here !!!


Maybe I’m missing something but this works perfectly fine on my end. With a fresh installation of Brave (Release, v0.59.35), I added a few sites to my history, cleared data from 7-day time period while Block all fingerprinting was enabled:


For me this happens after a few hours of browsing. After visiting a few pages everything works OK. For now I keep my shields lower with “Block 3rd party fingerprinting” to see if it would help.


Thanks for the info. I’ll test on my end again and see if I can reproduce.