Lots of website data remains after clearing history iOS 15.3-15.4

I recently noticed that clearing history leaves a ton of website data in Brave. I have my phone set to clear everything except “reading list” or “save for later” type categories. The website data remains even when I don’t have any site pages saved. The only way to clear my web history is by going into settings, clicking on the website data page, and deleting the data. Moreover, after deleting data once, a handful of sites with data remain. I have to do a second cleaning to remove all of the data stored. I don’t understand why clearing my history doesn’t also remove all website data especially considering my privacy settings are strict. Also, a lot of the data comes from surreptitious sources that I have not visited. Grammarly data is always tracking me, and it is also one of the sites that doesn’t get erased the first time I clear website data manually. Maybe I don’t understand what clearing cookies and history actually does, but I never see this issue on Android. I also don’t understand why stalker companies like Facebook and Grammarly have the ability to track me when I’m using Brave with Brave search. Am I missing something or misunderstanding something because I don’t feel like Brave is currently protecting my privacy at all. I hope it’s my misunderstanding because I have been a Brave loyalist since 2018.

Keeping this issue alive.

I’m having the exact same issue with the same surreptitious tracking sites. Grammarly is the most pervasive, but FB and Google are tracking me often as well. I have had to switch to always private mode. I don’t use FB, Google, Grammarly apps, and I never click on links to them either, but that shouldn’t matter anyway. I don’t understand why Brave isn’t responding, from what I have seen, to this issue considering that it is a catastrophic failure in the app. I hope it is a glitch as opposed to Brave selling us out, but I’m not feeling very confident about Brave’s future. I don’t understand why Brave hasn’t been much more proactively responding to a problem that completely defeats their mission, so I have to wonder if it is intentional on Brave’s part. I have been loyal to the company for years, so I hope this isn’t due to a corporate decision to abandon us.

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