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Please add an option to Copy link address like is available in the desktop browser. This seems like a basic browser function and can’t understand why it was omitted.

After researching this I found that some android platforms have the option to use the Share link and can find a Copy to Clipboard option in that menu, but not everyone has this. (I don’t)

It has also been suggested to download a third party program that will add the option to basically share the link with your clipboard, but the one I tried failed to work.

You can Copy image, Download image, Open image in new tab, Preview Image, and Share image. Is there some reason that is escaping me why you can’t Copy link address?

Thanks for reaching out. So depending on the device and Android version you have, this may be different. However, from what I can see, this also depends on where you’re selecting the image from. Here’s the behavior I see:

  1. If I search for images on a search engine and long-press on the image itself I see the following options:

    Further, if I click Share image, then More, I do see the option to copy the URL (even though this process is a little clunky it is ultimately the desired result):

  2. If I am on the website in which the image is actually located, when I long-press I get additional options including the Copy link address option you’re inquiring about:

So this option is present, it just depends on where/how you’re electing to share the link. Let me know if you have any other questions about the behavior here.

Hi @Mattches and thanks for the detailed reply.

re 1.) On my Samsung S22+ (all updates installed), I do not have the copy to clipboard option under the share menu proper, the more menu, or even the second level more menu. I scoured those options thoroughly before trying the third party solution I mentioned.

re 2.) I think you are closer to the real issue here. I can see that Brave is exposing their own URL here instead of actual image URL when using the Brave image search. I can see if I open the image in a new tab that the URL starts out I’m not completely sure why image results are handled this way, but I can understand why you wouldn’t want people sharing Dynamic links you are creating on the fly.

So I thought this was solved by going to the site instead and trying the long press again, but the options did not change for me like they did for you. This time though if I use the Open in new tab I can clearly see the full image URL and not the Brave URL, so I don’t understand why you are getting different options than me.

This is interesting, because I’m also testing this on the exact same phone as you are. (Samsung Galaxy S22+). Do you see this option on the top right of the share menu? If so, please tap it to reveal the URL:

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Hi @Mattches,
Sorry for the late reply. Just haven’t had time to get back sooner.

Thank you for the reply and the solution. I never tried clicking that icon before and thought it was just an indicator of some sort. Once I click that icon, it reveals the option on the bottom to copy link.

I still don’t understand why this is not an option in the R-Click/Long-Press menu where it should be (and actually is on your phone), but ultimately I just wanted a way to copy the link, and this does that.

I still would love to see it end up there and request this be made a feature in the future. It’s three more clicks just to copy a link address which is a very common action and should not be buried in menus. It should work like it does on the desktop and be put where you would expect it.

Thanks again for taking the time to investigate this. I haven’t had much luck in the past on these forums, so it was refreshing to actually get support for a change.


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