Add more functionality to Brave on Android

I have used Brave browser for about 2 years, give or take. During that time, the browser has gotten better but it could become even better, especially for Android users as it’s quite plain and barren when it comes to functionality and customization.

A few functionality and customization-related features I wish to get in Brave
open bookmarks in new tab

having bookmarks in a smaller view instead of redirecting to a whole page

bookmark bar

always incognito mode

cascade tabs — vertical view of tabs

Plus the many features that currently only exists on desktop that would benefit us mobile users, like those that @Go-go_duck mentions in this thread below

I believe many mobile Brave users would benefit from having more possibilities when it comes to functionality and feature-rich browser. You would also make it so your users could make Brave their own browser which is something to strive for as you would certainly gain more users from it. I also want to add that please, make crypto a second priority and functionality first as that’s certainly the most important factor of a browser.

If anyone else have any features in mind that you’d want/need Brave to add for a better experience, please add to this thread or even create your own feature request as the more voices, the bigger the possibility this might happen.

Something else I believe many users, including myself, would find useful is the ability to reorder and entirely customize the utility menu.

An example would be to perhaps remove the usual open New tab and only have Incognito tab or even have an option to only use incognito tabs unless you manually choose a “normal” tab—this is something I would like as it would certainly make for easier and smoother browser experience for those using only incognito.

  • Removing the Set Brave as standard browser (only if you haven’t done that). I will not do that so removing it would be quite neat.

  • Removing Brave Rewards — would be greatly appreciated by me and possibly other users as it serves no purpose being in that menu if you aren’t using the Rewards system.

  • Choosing to keep Brave VPN (+ Firewall) option in menu or not — I know this will be ignored but one can wish, right?

please add “bookmark all open tabs”
it’s available on Desktop