Enabling 1password & Is it safe to store your password in brave browser?

Hi, I’ve just started using brave. I read there is a 1password extension for brave but can’t find how to enable it. Can you help?

And is it safe to store passwords in the browser like Chrome does. Thanks,

Hi @soblocks,

Which Brave version that you have?

Version 0.55.22 Chromium

Thanks for the info @soblocks

1password can be installed from Chrome Web Store, for now. Since this version already support for installation from CWS. :slightly_smiling_face:

cc @Mattches for your 2nd question.

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Thanks for your help :grinning:

The built-in password manager uses encryption available on your OS (Win32 API calls for Windows, Keychain entries for macOS, etc) so for all intents and purposes, yes, your passwords are as safe as anything else leveraging your Operating System’s encryption.
Additional resources for using built-in password manager in Brave:

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Thanks for getting back. If someone steals my laptop and hacks gets past the security password they will be able to access all online accounts that Brave has stored the passwords for. Is there another level of protection incase of this?

Noticed that in Windows its atleast asking Windows login before showing the saved passwords but in Linux this is not happening. Should i enable it anywhere to encrypt the passwords in linux.

it’ll be good if it asks master password once when opening the browser so that no one (within the family) misuses the browser

@Vivaldi necro much? lmao. Don’t mind me on that, just picking a bit as this post was written back in 2018, so over 3 years ago.

As to the topic of your comment, that actually was addressed lately by one of the Product Safety Engineers with Brave. You can view that at When Will There Be A Master Password? - #46 by fmarier

And prior to that was Brave sync security breach - #6 by fmarier

Main idea is they are working on it but they also recognize limitations.

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Depending on the desktop environment you use on Linux (e.g. GNOME, KDE, etc.), the OS keyring can be automatically unlocked when you login (and will be locked again when you logout). That OS keyring is where Brave stores the key used to encrypt the password database. So while it’s unlocked, there is no need to prompt you for your login password.

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