Amazon prime reading Brave as Chrome, and requires Chrome update to play videos

Description of the issue: Amazon Prime asks for upgrade to Chrome to play videos when I am using Brave. Brave is updated. I cannot update Chrome without upgrading OS which I don’t want to do. How do I resolve this and so that Amazon Prime responds when using Brave?

Exact URL of the website in question:|EgNhbGw%3D

**Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no)**Yes

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off? No

Is there a specific Shields configuration that causes the site to break? If so, tell us that configuration. (yes/no): No

Does the site work as expected when using Chrome? No - Chrome would need to be updated as mentioned.

Brave version (check About Brave):
Version 1.41.100 Chromium: 103.0.5060.134 (Official Build) (x86_64)

@DAB I’m not sure anyone can help. Current version of Brave is 1.63.169. Your version, 1.41.100 is from July 2022. This is significantly outdated and can’t support a lot of content.

But why are you using such an outdated version? I mean, version that last supported Windows 7 or Windows 8 is/was 1.47.186. And the last version for Mac High Sierra or Mojave was 1.57.64 or so. The list goes on. In other words, not sure what you’d be needing that would have you stuck as such an old version.

And of course you know the issue with using OS and versions of programs that are no longer supported is exactly as it says, they aren’t supported. You’re seeking support for something not supported. Kind of notice the conundrum here?


  • What OS are you using?
  • Have you checked if you’re able to update any components at brave://components?
  • Do you have Widevine enabled?
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I watch T2 (Tennis Channel) everyday via Freevee / Live Tv through Amazon. No Prime membership needed. Lots of channels, no issues. Update & your problems will likely cease. Good luck to you (Leo Grande)!

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There is a reason I’m using older software, but I’m not going into here because its not the point and its personal. I’ve already established that updating would be the obvious solution, but thanks anyway. Yes - Brave being treated like Chrome is a conundrum. I’m asking if there are any solutions other than updating my OS, and why does Brave get treated like Chrome by Amazon? If there are no solutions then fine - that’s the answer to part of my question. You don’t know until you ask.
I’m using High Sierra, and no updatable components. No widevine.

They are all chromium based browsers. So Chrome/Chromium/Edge/Brave/Vivaldi/Epic/Comodo/Opera/Yandex all are Chromium. Amazon or any site can set to look at certain areas to know exactly which browser is being used, but it’s just looking at the Chromium version since it’s what is most applicable.

This would definitely be an issue. Places like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and others require Widevine. It’s a Digital Rights Management (DRM) to protect content. Essentially it prevents people from screen recording or “stealing” the copyrighted content we watch. Of course, it rolls out updates much like the browsers and eventually older devices/browsers eventually get locked out.

Indeed. This is why I asked the questions earlier about why you were using the particular version of Brave you are and to see if you’d share why you’re not wanting to update. Only way I’d find out and potentially learn anything is by asking.

Btw, I am editing my prior. I put Mac Sierra when I meant to type out High Sierra. But the official Brave announcement is at At least then just making sure you’re aware newer version of Brave is available if you want it, otherwise guessing you’ll stick to your 1.41.100

That’s probably due to user agent. Brave uses same user agent as Google Chrome.

By the way, even if they detect it as Brave, they wouldn’t allow it saying you’re running an outdated version of Brave or Chromium based browser.

Ok thank you. I’ll look into these suggestions.

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