Brave Ads not receiving on Windows 10


I have installed Brave on my Windows PC and enable Rewards but not getting any single Ad. I read all community posts and tried all possible troubleshoot but no luck.

First I faced a problem that there was no Brave listing on my Notification list but I got listed on Windows Notification by using test Notification. Now All test notifications are working.

I have read the FAQ that explained why I am not receiving ads. But I think there’s no issue with the mentioned issues in the FAQ. I think I pass all possible reasons on FAQ.

I am worthy to receive ads:
I think I am worthy to receive ads because my Android Phone (8.1) is receiving ad and everything is working fine on Android.

Here is a possible cause for no ads on Windows 10:
I am using Latest Windows and latest software/drivers. Everything is working fine on my Machine. But I noticed that I am using ESET Internet Security.

Does Eset Internet Security blocking me to get ads?


Why I am not getting ads?

Hope I will get a solution from Brave Support or Community. If you need more information please let me know.


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This is horrible, No reply from Brave team or Community. I just quit brave.

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