1 ad of Brave Community forum a day

I have been using Brave for quite some while since 2019. At the first few month I did not receive a single ad or grant.
Finally few days ago I started getting first ads, at least so I thought.
In reality I get only 1 add a day and it’s Brave browser community forum advertisment.

I do use Brave a lot, and on multiple occasions. I’m sure there’s plenty of useful advertisment in financial sector all over the world and I would love to get it delivered straight to my browser.

Brave version 1.8.112
Android 10

(same for Windows 10)
Region Northern Europe
no VPN

The interests of a user shouldn’t be any how based on the region but clearly on interest it self :slight_smile:

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Yes. Brave Ads is matching your interest with the available ads catalog in your country.

And that’s why, the number of ads you’ll see will depends on the available of ads campaigns in your country.

But that makes 0 sense in year of 2020.
I have 0 interest based on my IP location.

So VPN should fix my problem?

Again, the number of ads you see will depends on the availability of ads campaign in your country. brave.com/transparency

Brave Ads is still “new”. So it’ll take times until more advertisers run their campaign in Brave platform (and targeting your country).

Either way if Northern Europe had 10 000 ads in catalog I wouldn’t be interested in any of it.

So would VPN help me to get to see advertisment ment for USA ?

Isn’t Brave supposed to bring advertisment that would interest the user ?

I would not suggests the use of VPN. Because ads catalog for USA is targeted for US users. Again, Brave Ads is still new. I would patiently wait until more advertisers running their campaign and targeting your country.

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