Brave 1.49 ( MAJOR ISSUES

The app crashes anywhere from two to three times upon opening since last two updates. Google images don’t show unless I remove shields, DuckDuckGo menu bar doesn’t show when shields are up. Opening a link from another app either causes Brave to crash or the link doesn’t open at all. I see a lot of people are also experiencing the app crash as well.

Version 1.49 (

iPhone 14 Pro, iOS 16.4

Don’t need to remove Shields. It’s the Block Cross-Site Trackers option within Shields. What’s weird about this is it doesn’t happen on iPad version of iOS, doesn’t happen if you’re using iOS 16.3 on iPhone, and it doesn’t happen if you’re on any other OS. It’s only happening with iPhone using iOS 16.4, which had just released.

So whatever issue is happening is occurring due to change in iOS. Brave is working on trying to discover that issue and make changes.

Also, want to link/quote for you to see below:

At which he provides link to Github issue opened, which I’ll put below

Can you give an example of where you’ve opened a link from another app? In other words, are you opening from Mail or which app are you clicking links on that is causing Brave to crash or not open? I’m asking as I’ve not experienced this particular issue on my iPhone yet and I’d like to see if it can be replicated.

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