iOS images and pages not loading

Since updating the browser a couple of months ago, Brave has been rendered redundant ever since as practically nothing loads on most pages. Either a page will load without any images, videos or interactable features. Buttons/links won’t work etc. up until now it’s worked flawlessly for me.

  1. For example, this community forum shows as a blank white screen.

  2. Twitter is just this.

  3. Bigcartel loads, links work, but no images.

Running on iPhone iOS 16.3, Brave Version 1.48.1 (


Very similar issue to what I’ve been experiencing. Everything was working fine in previous ios/Brave versions, but all of a sudden many images, buttons and text strings will not display. Mine doesn’t seem quite as bad as yours, being selective in what I can’t interact with, but it also makes the mobile app borderline unusable.

Same issue on my iPad since updating to 1.48.1. Since updating I can’t even log into my paid subscriptions. Can’t see body of emails, plus, plus, plus…. It’s a mess!

Same here. Been borked for days now.

Screenshot below - some items load some not. Depends on the site

Below was just a basic search

Data point for support -

If I swipe up and quit the browser. Then relaunch it will fail to relaunch twice. Then launch on the third try and the page renders fully.

Same here on Iphone 13 mini, most pages won’t appear correctly. It started a week ago.

When the web page is loaded , I can’t scroll down or do anything.

I have to quit and reopen the app but again it’s not working.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Brave but again is not working.

Guys, try the website but with the shields down… it could work, because is a shield issue!

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