3-Vertical Dots in the bottom toolbar not working properly

Hello Devs.
Today I updated Brave Browser for Android to latest ver. 1.13.85. and met with an awkward bug.
When I tap on 3-Vertical Dots in Toolbar to open many more options like bookmark, settings, share, etc. It doesn’t work as expected and show a “New Tab” option.
Please look after this problem.
Thank You.
(In the Screenshot attached you can see + sign for new tab and “New Tab” option which I get after tapping on 3-Vertical Dots)

Which release channel is that? I ask because I have Release, which is 1.12.113, and I have Beta, which is 1.14.73 … neither version, for me, shows this issue

I am using Stable Build for Android. Previous I had 1.12.113.
Running on Android 7.0