Bottom toolbar bug in landscape

I already wrote about this issue in a comment to another post about the same topic, but as there was no reaction after a week, I thought I’d give it another go this way…

Description of the issue:
Bottom toolbar visible in horizontal mode after switching tab

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Have Bottom toolbar activated in the settings and several tabs open.
  2. Open one of the tabs.
  3. Turn your phone to horizontal. The Brave bottom toolbar disappears.
  4. Switch tab. The bottom toolbar reappears. It also doesn’t go away when putting a video to fullscreen (which is especially annoying).

Expected result:
I assume the Bottom toolbar is supposed to be invisible while in horizontal mode.

Brave Version:
1.21.77, Chromium 89.0.4389.90

Mobile Device details
Android 6.0.1, STV100-4 Build/MMB29M (BlackBerry Priv)

Additional Information:
When the bug appears: Turning your phone back to vertical and then again to horizontal while staying in the tab solves the problem, as the bottom toolbar disappears when the change from vertical to horizontal is registered (doesn’t work while having a video in fullscreen). So apparently some check for current orientation is not done when switching tabs.
Bug is present in normal and private tabs.

Problem is fixed in Brave 1.22.69 :slight_smile:

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