Bottom bar not hiding in landscape mode while playing full screen video

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**Description of the issue: Bottom bar not hiding in landscape mode while playing full screen video. **

**How can this issue be reproduced? ** brave on android and switch to landscape mode a video in a tab, and switch that video to full screen
3.close that video and close that tab and move to another tab
4. Now the bottom bar is visible but does not functions.
5. When playing video in this tab and switching to fill screen, the bottom bar remains.

Expected results: bottom bar should hide while playing full screen video

Brave Version( check About Brave):1.18.75

**Mobile Device details: Oneplus 7 pro running android 10 stock oxygen os. **

**Additional Information:ā€¦ **


exact same issue happen to me
Xiaomi Mi A2
Android 10

Thank you for reporting. Seems like I can reproduce this on my end using a Samsung Galaxy S9 as well. Iā€™m checking to see if this issue has already been filed ā€“ if not I will do so and leave the link here.

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