Bookmarks vs. Mobile Bookmarks

Sync V2 seems to work! :slight_smile: This may be a weird question, but why are there two bookmark locations? Will it cause any trouble (I’m a bit reluctant to “just try it”) if one deletes the mobile bookmarks and the mobile device leaves the sync chain. Like in: All bookmarks gone on this device instead of just not synced anymore?

Bookmarks folder is used for desktop while Mobile bookmarks like it’s name is “folder” used for bookmarks synced from mobile.

When synced, any action will be synced across devices – like adding new bookmark or deleting bookmark. So if you delete one bookmark from mobile, it’ll also be deleted from “Mobile bookmarks” folder on desktop and other devices.

“Leave sync chain” will terminate the connection. But it’ll not delete the existing browser data.

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Thanks for your quick reply! So, if I understand this correctly: The two different folders exist just for “housekeeping”, in case the user wants to separate desktop from mobile bookmarks for whatever reason? In other words: If not, the mobile bookmarks folder can be deleted (assuming there’s nothing important left in there)?

Edit: I guess I get it now (hopefully). Adding new bookmarks on the mobile device would clutter the bookmarks bar of the desktop browser. I never really thought about it, since the desktop browser asks where to store a new bookmark instead of just throwing into the root folder.

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