Bookmark syncing only 1 way

Syncing between desktops works fully, desktops get copies of the mobile bookmarks, but mobile doesn’t get bookmarks from the desktops.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Set up sync on desktop
  2. Set up sync on android
  3. Wait for syncing to complete

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
Desktop bookmarks aren’t available on android

Expected result:
Desktop bookmarks should be available on android

Brave Version(about:brave):

Mobile Device details
Moto G6

Android/iOS Version
Android 8.0


@TheShanMan, thanks for reaching out - excellent write up.
Can you elaborate a bit on what did happen when you attempted to Sync? Did the process work all the way through (up until the point where you bookmarks appear on mobile, obviously)?

Yes, it appeared to work otherwise. My mobile bookmarks appear on both of my desktops and syncing has worked between the 2 desktops. I haven’t tried changing my bookmarks since the initial sync though.

A few questions about your bookmarks:

  • How many bookmarks were you attempting to Sync?
  • Were they all nested?
  • Did they all have labels (as opposed to deleting the bookmark name text so you just have favicons only)?

I have 3 bookmarks on my mobile device with no nesting (I think the default bookmark folder is called mobile something-or-other). They all have labels.

Thank you for the info. Reaching out to the Android team right now to see if they have any suggestions.

Worth mentioning that the next update is a larger one (from our perspective) and includes several Sync fixes. So if we can’t get this working right now I imagine this will be resolved when the app is updated.


I am having trouble too. I just connected sync 2 hours ago. I have 0 bookmarks on my android browser, with only an empty “Mobile Bookmarks” folder, and many (hundreds?) on my desktop browser that I had imported from Chrome. So far, I still have 0 bookmarks on my android device.

However, I did just now do what Vajraneel describes above, with 3 bookmarks (all with labels): 2 from my bookmarks bar and 1 from a nested folder. The 2 bookmarks from the browser bar did come over, but they’re both in my “Mobile Bookmarks” folder now. However, the third bookmark, from another folder, has not synced to Android at all.

In Chrome, my synced bookmarks stay in the correct folders. Those from my browser bar on Desktop appear in Mobile in a folder called “Bookmarks Bar.” I would very much prefer Brave Sync to do the same thing.

Not sure how long things need to stay open before the sync completes, but that doesn’t appear to work for me.

Just to put my input here too…

I have a laptop, Desktop and Android.

Laptop and desktop’s bookmarks have duplicated when I synced them up.
So I have 2 sets of bookmarks across all devices! LOL

Just letting you know of this bug too.

Keep open Just for Few Minutes and if not work then close browser & do it again, But there is still issue… Not All Bookmarks Comming :warning::warning::warning: i sync 150 bookmark with this trick…But stil more left without sync… If you have Many Bookmarks it will going to be frustrating… Just wait for Next update, i’m doing same…

I just downloaded the latest update this morning and seeing the same problem. It syncs perfectly between my two Mac desktop computers. The dozen or so bookmarks I had on the Android now appear on the Macs, but none of the desktop bookmarks have made their way over the Android smartphone.

Do you mean you updated on android or desktop?

I updated the Android and it was the first time I was aware that sync was available on mobile, so I tried it but had similar experience to the others.

Last night I looked again to see if anything had changed and the Android was no longer showing linked devices, so I was invited to scan or enter the code. The phone was still showing up as linked on the desktop though.

I just deleted the Android from the desktop sync settings and added it again with the same result. Mobile bookmarks appeared on the desktop instantly, but nothing from the desktop appeared on the Android.

Perhaps this is correct, but the text on the Android for this device is always in red, whereas it is grey on the Mac desktop. I actually called it Moto 6G but it shows up as Android device.



I am having a similar issue where bookmarks from my desktop browser do not appear in my Android browser, and vice-a-versa. I have tried deleting and recreating the chain a couple of times, but no syncing occurs. Thanks in advance for any support :slight_smile:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Set up sync on desktop
  2. Set up sync on android
  3. Wait for syncing to complete

Actual Result:
Desktop bookmarks aren’t available on android
Android bookmarks aren’t available on desktop

Expected result:
Desktop bookmarks should be available on android
Android bookmarks should be available on desktop

Brave Version(about:brave):
Desktop version: 0.60.48
Android version: 1.0.82

Mobile Device details

Android/iOS Version
Android 9.0

I just downloaded the latest Android beta and the desktop bookmarks still didn’t sync across, even after removing and adding the device again. Then out of curiosity I noticed the sync setting on the desktop computer for bookmarks and turned it off, before re-activating it moments later. Within a few seconds close to 1600 bookmarks filtered across to the Android.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I gave it a try but haven’t seen any bookmarks sync in either direction yet.

I’m glad it worked for you though.

It almost works. I now have sync between Windows, Mac & Android - but Android will not sync any bookmarks without a name on the Bookmark Toolbar. If they have a name then they sync. Unfortunately all my most used bookmarks I remove the name because I can identify them by icon alone. Please fix this one last issue!

Also, a question on Android - In ‘Bookmarks’ there’s just a single folder called ‘Mobile Bookmarks’ that seems to contain the synced bookmarks. Why the extra level? Why not put them all in the top level folder? Seems a bit odd … :upside_down_face:

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Yep, if I give a Name to an unnamed bookmark (ie: icon only) then it syncs in a minute or two to Android.

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After making the change I saw the Mac desktop bookmarks flood over to the Android and a quick glance on the desktop showed the dozen of so bookmarks from the phone had made their over successfully.

I tried adding a bookmark on the desktop following the sync, then another on the Android. It took a few minutes, but both then updated correctly. They also synched when deleted.

First of all I would make sure you are using the latest versions of Brave, then maybe try again. It is strange that so many of us have different experiences and it seems a bit hit & miss.

Title (Name) is a required field on Mobile but not on Desktop. That’s probably the root of the problem. Should be optional on both like all other browsers.

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