Bookmarks deleted automatically

I haven’t deleted the bookmarks and today i was searching for bookmarks most of the bookmarks are got deleted automatically… can you please help me to find the reason for this issue and how can I recover all the bookmarks if possible to do so.

On Desktop or rooted Android phones, it is easy to recover the bookmarks, there should be a bookmarks.old that will have the backup for the latest change you made in the bookmarks.
This obviously only works if you haven’t added any bookmark, if not the .old will be overwritten.

I mean, were you synching things? because that could be the issue, if you are synching anything, you have to leave the sync change, rename the file from bookmarks.old to bookmarks and open Brave and if you see the bookmarks, re-join the sync chain.
If you don’t do this, obviously the bookmarks will get synched and probably removed by the synched system, so it is safer to leave and rejoin.

The problem is you are not explaining anything, no exact OS, no version, nothing. But because of your tags I have to assume, you have android and Windows synched and you lost your bookmarks.

At least Windows has its user data in %localappdata%\bravesoftware\brave-browser\user data\default for the Stable version.

sorry for not providing detailed information… but yes win 10 and android both are in sync and bookmarks getting deleted automatically… more bookmarks got deleted from my browser i don’t know how but it’s getting deleted… from mobile or pc i’m not sure because both are in sync…