Most of my bookmarks were deleted for no reason

most of my bookmarks were deleted for no reason. The day before everything was good. How can i recover them ? it happened on all my synced devices

Not sure what happened.

But do you still have a Bookmarks.bak file in your Brave profile folder?

Hi thanks.
Yes i have a bookmarks and a bookmarks.bak file but both of them do not have my old bookmarks… I guess they updated because i opened and closed brave after the issue occured and the file updated
Do you know if there’s any way to find some older versions of this .bak file ?

Unless you have some kind of backup scheme locally (for example, Windows filesystem backups), I can’t think of anything unfortunately.

Just a long shot here, any chance that what you’re seeing is an inadvertently-created new profile, with things still intact in the original profile? I doubt it since your mention of Sync, but figured I’d ask.

nope, unfortunately it’s my main profile and i don’t have any backup…

It’s a pity that there are not brave backups every month/week/… !

Anyway, i’ll try to get .bak files from other synced computers on which brave hasn’t been opened for a while, maybe i’ll be able to get a non synced version where they are not deleted.
Thanks a lot !

If you run multiple browsers, there is a strong possibility that the second (or third) browser imported your active Brave bookmarks automatically, or you ported them to that browser during set up.

If so, you can save the boomarks off as an .HTM file and import them into a clean copy of Brave.

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