Auto Restore bookmarks

Hello Everyone,
yesterday I’v met with unexpected problem. I use eversync for sync data. I add some new bookmark to my existing bookmarks. I try to merge them with server but bookmarks were updated on my local desktop PC to existing backup with eversync server. No matter what I did I got as a result older version of my bookmarks. I was unable to update them to current state. So I’v deleted extension, I deleted bookmarks and bookmarks.bak files from my user folder and recover all my bookmarks from my local backup. But after few seconds Brave automaticaly autorestored old bookmarks. Even if I have deleted both files bookmarks were magically restored and bookmark file is appeared again. Like phoeniox from the ashes. I’m on chain with my mobile but even if I turn it completally off bookmarks reappears on PC. New behavior I have noticed just now. I copied my bookmarks file into AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\ folder but after restarting Brave make autoupdate to bookmarks and restore old ones, from where? What is going on?

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