Bookmarks Bar Feature With Icons Only - PLEASE!

Bookmarks: how to use icon only??? The new format has entire tab view - how do we get the bookmarks bar to only show icons (it eliminates having to search for most used ones) The icon only feature facilitates ease of use, and better represents previous version. Email me with instructions, if you already have “icon only” visible bookmarks bar feature. I don’t like your browser changes! Thank you.I don’t want to have to take a long time getting used to your browser features all over again.
[email protected]

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we have same issue and registered a bug related to the absence of this feature

I figured out how to do the icon only (go to edit bookmark, remove description, only icon will show up-a real hassle for those of us who have already gone through it, but

just letting you know)

On another topic:

Y’all got a problem with zoho calendar?

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thank you. can now use the latest release without so much clutter.

@beetemple @jaygray in addition, an issue logged for “icons-only bookmarks” here


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You sir, are a hero!