Bookmarks bar text only option

One of my favorite features in the pre-chromium Brave was the option to display bookmarks in the bar as a) text only b) text and favicon or c) favicon only.

Now, there is no longer the option to display text only. Adding the option would be useful, because to my knowledge there are no other browsers that have the option. The change would attract new users who dislike favicons. The problem with favicons is that not every website has one, sometimes the icon is wrong or looks bad, and they don’t always load or stay there. So, they can make the bar look bad. In any case, unless you use just favicons, you can fit more bookmarks on the bar if you can display text only.

I would imagine implementing a change like that would not be very difficult. I can still use the old browser with the option, but would rather switch to the current one for e.g. security reasons.

Hi @mmmth,
Thanks for reaching out.

The new version have not reimplement this setting yet.

An issue logged for that here


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