Desktop Feature Request - Bookmarks "Show Icon Only"

Hi Brave and friends,
A quick feature request, as titled.

Many organise their bookmarks in various ways, through brave://bookmarks/ (sort alphabetically), put into folders, etc. A popular method is to edit bookmarks to shorten its “name”, so more bookmarks can be accommodated in the bookmarks bar while appearing concise. Some would go as far as deleting the name of the bookmark entirely, leaving the bookmarks “icon” as a guide.

The lattermost method presents an issue - 1. the bookmarks icon could appear incorrectly over time; 2. subsequent bookmarks management and search in brave://bookmarks would be more troublesome (as the bookmarks’ “name” are entirely omitted)

Solution: The solution would be an option to “Show Icon Only”, hiding the “text” portion of the bookmarks on the bookmarks bar. This has been implemented in another chromium-based browser (starts with an “E”), and of course, I am sticking with Brave for all the goodies it offers, while hoping more features come to fruition.

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: