Bookmark bar with icons only, and move the tabs back


Just upgraded to the latest and greatest (?) version. Silly me!

How do I get the tabs back where they were?
How do I get the bookmark bar to display just the icons?
Why was the update released in the first place? … stupid question!

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Tabs and bookmark icons

I’m having the same issues. I’ve been enjoying Brave for some time, and thought that getting the latest version would be an improvement. Instead it has destroyed the entire browser. Apparently no ‘Icon Only’ setting for the bookmarks bar. The open tab line is crowded up the top and I wish I could move it back. Also I had my ‘new tab’ function set to a search engine, but now that appears to be impossible as well. If these issues aren’t fixed, I’m going to have to abandon what used to be a good browser. Shame.



Hi @cjanning @GregH,
Apologies for late response.

We’ve an issue logged for favicon-only bookmarks here

An issue also logged for “New tab page shows” like in prev. version.

Answered here Tabs placed on top: how do I move them back?



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