Bookmark order has been randomly changed

My bookmarks organization has been changed unexpectedly. If I edit the order, save edits, close bookmarks, and then reopen bookmarks the order has reverted to the the random order

How can this issue be reproduced?


Expected result:
Can reorganize bookmarks
Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
iPad 2 iOS 13.3 brave1.14.2

Additional Information:

did you connet to a bookmark chain you made from pc or the other way around some times its puts them a bit random

Hi. The bookmarks went to a random organization and was unable to edit the order of bookmarks before I ever tried to sync. I then tried to sync to get the bookmarks onto my Mac to see if I could edit the order on the Mac and sync back to the iPad.

Thanks for your time.



I would export them all install brave again and import them and set them up as you Like and then sync to mobile or table …


I finally got sync to connect and reorganized bookmarks on the mac. Eventually sync connected with the iPad. On the iPad some bookmarks and folders have reorganized correctly and others are till randomly sorted. I appreciate you help but the last few months with Brave have been vey frustrating.

I tried this. I removed Brave from my Mac using AppCleaner to remove all the hidden files that Brave created. Then I downloaded a clean version of Brave and added it to my Applications folder. When I open Brave all the old bookmarks are there and I cannot remove the device from sync. What is going on?

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