Bookmark Manager is Too Complicated

Platform: Desktop Browser for Ubuntu Linux (22.04 LTS)

Disappointed with recent changes to the Bookmark feature. It is much too complicated.

I create and manage a lot of bookmarks. I need something that will let me manually edit the bookmark title and navigate to a specific folder location. Ideally, I would like to see a Title type-in text box and a Folder Navigation selection box.

The latest bookmark manager automatically inserts the bookmark at the last chosen location. If you need another location, you must click 3 different buttons just to get to a folder navigation selection box. You must click Edit > Folder > Choose Another Folder . This is way too much work for users.


This is a known issue that the team is working on addressing:


Out of curiosity, I see Clifton had added Feature Request label to it. Also as I was looking at Chromium issue on it, there were references to them intentionally removing the flag and all. So if this were to change, seems it would have to be a lift from Brave.

Based on what I’ve seen and heard on requests in the past, I wouldn’t be expecting much movement to happen. It’s not being pessimistic or negative, but just trying to look at priority levels and resources. As you have more access to internal dialog and intent, would it be possible to try to get a check on this to see if it is indeed something they are looking at and might take up, if they might be trying to nudge Chromium to mess with, or if perhaps this is just one of those things that’s essentially going to be a wontfix or at least will be shelved until have the extra time and/or resources?

Just want to add, not sure if @Mattches tagged internally or if it was completely coincidental, but Rafael (Rebron) followed up not long after my last post. The team is looking at a workaround that would solve this for everyone.

The issue created that might resolve this would be below:

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Yeah I reached out and poked about it — looks like it should be in Nightly tomorrow and the potentially could be uplifted into the the next release or so. Will keep everyone updated.

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When might this make it to an official launch? Or where can I download the Nightly version?

I also hate the change because it’s inconvenient as hell and does 0 improvements. I just waste more seconds trying to edit the bookmark to a folder I want to save it to, instead of directly specifying a folder I want to save it to.

I made an account just to find a workaround for this.

In the Github, it looks like they have a commit to uplift it to 1.63.xx. When that hits, I’m not sure. It could hit in a matter of hours or days. That said, I know 1.64.xx is scheduled to hit around March 19. You’d think uplift is going to land before, but if not, we should hopefully see 1.64.xx arrive for us in a week and might have the fix. Guess I’d say just hang tight until then.

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This will be fixed in the next release.

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I just updated. What should I be looking for?

@NotAgain not sure you’re on the right thread here — this update fixed the “Add bookmark” prompt that was changed in Chromium back to the way it was prior.

Clicking on the bookmark button next to the address bar now displays the old prompt:

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For each update, I’ve been tracking multiple threads on:

  1. Resolving audio linking / Mute tab issues
  2. Simplifying the Bookmarking process

As far as Bookmarks go, there’s three main things to fix:

  1. Let us see ALL of our Bookmark folders in the dropdown menu when adding a new link / editing its title.

  2. Let us remove old Bookmarks in a folder by pressing Delete when highlighted. Currently, we have to dig for the Rename & Delete options.

  3. Allow us to rename a link by double clicking on it when highlighted in a folder.

Those three changes alone would go a long way to resolving the gripes about the feature.

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I cannot agree more to the previous comments here on the limits of the bookmark manager!

There is one more feature which helps a lot keeping bookmarks organized when you make them. Please include a search which finds the rigtht folder to save a bookmark. One step further, provide the option of giving a folder an abbreviation or tag, e.g. “International News” → “#in”. Then one can save the bookmark immediately by entering #in in the search field.

I am wondering for years why a feature which is used by millions every day has so low priority in almost every internet browser.

Thanks for reading, I am waiting patiently. :slight_smile:
best regards!

I totally agree, not only does one have to do these three different clicks/taps to create the folder, one has to then repeat these 3 clicks/taps just to save ‘one’ bookmark in the that folder. Theres also the decision on whether to save the bookmark in desktop (from mobile) or mobile bookmarks (sure the decision is obvious) but come-on, whats the point of having two different areas to save bookmarks? If one wanted to split desktop/mobile bookmarks apart then why wouldn’t they just create two parent folders titled MOBILE BOOKMARKS/DESKTOP BOOKMARKS with an option of splitting those two parent folders into their very own section by way of a divider?