Prevent bookmarks page from jumping from bottom where i put it, to very top, as soon as i release the 'hold' key

whenever i try to go to a new bookmark, (always inserted at the bottom of the bookmark page?!???), the instant i release the scroll bar ‘hold’/‘lock’, the scroll bar instantly jumps entire page back to top, making nearly impossible any bookmark management/arrangement other than default ‘when created’ order.

any help suggestions much appreciated, folks!

Hello @whraglyn, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Have you tried deleting your cookies and cache recently? By any chance are you using extensions? If so, try removing all of them or one by one to see which one might be causing the issue. Let us know if that helps. Regards.

Stop using the scroll bar when moving things. All you have to do is drag mouse below and screen will move.

Originally was showing if you tried to go to upper right, it doesn’t move up because of the hamburger menu. So you instead have it scroll up by going to top of bookmarks. As your mouse sits there, it automatically moves as you saw. Just about anything on the devices work that way.

I’m still trying to figure out why or how you’re claiming can be moving a bookmark and clicking on scroll bar at the same time. I mean, the mouse needs to be holding onto the bookmark so you can’t really click on anything. If you’re releasing the bookmark to then grab the scroll bar, then of course it makes sense you’re having the issue.

Correct. Bookmarks are placed in the order they are created. So new ones appear on the bottom of the list by default. Not sure why you’re saying that like it confuses you.

As you can see from video, I’m not experiencing the same issue. I’m not sure which method you’re using to move things. But yeah, just dragging item will move screen. Then screen stays where you’re at when you left go. You may have to give more specifics or share a video of it happening for us to better understand.

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