Bookmark links from long-press context menu without opening them

Description of the feature:
User comes across bunch of news headlines and other interesting links while browsing on mobile in the morning and throughout the day. User doesn’t have time to read them. User wants to save them for later consumption on mobile or desktop.

User has to use the mobile browser throughout the day, so opening and keeping the aforementioned links open in new tabs is not an option; they would clutter the environment. It’s best to have an option to quickly bookmark an interesting link on the background when the user finds one.

The easiest way to do so is long-pressing the link and tapping “bookmark”, without having to open the link first. This option exists on some browsers but not Brave.

Alternative option is for User to open all the links in new tabs and have an option to bookmark them all at once, without having to activate each tab and press the bookmark icon. This is already possible on desktop.

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