Brave Today: link options for normal web pages

Please make the contextual menu options for the links in Brave Today the same as those for links on regular webpages. In other words, if I tap and hold a link on a webpage, my current options are

  • Open in New Tab (which respects my foreground/background preference)
  • Open in New Private Tab
  • Copy Link
  • Share Link
  • Hide Link Previews

In Brave Today, however, my only options are

  • Open in New Tab (which does not respect my foreground/background preference: it always opens the tab in the foreground)
  • Open in New Private Tab

Please add the following modifications:

  1. Open in New Tab should respect my preference setting for opening tabs in the background
  2. The ability to simply copy the link
  3. The ability to share a link immediately (without opening it)

These changes would create a more consistent, useful, and efficient interface design and user experience.

Nice thanks for the tips :slight_smile: :slight_smile: thumb up for the work