Brave Bookmarks Folders Tree view

Does anyone know if the “tree view” for bookmarks folders in the sidebar has been, or will be restored? I stopped using Brave a couple of months ago due to this issue and I tried coming back but it seems it’s still not there. Am I missing a setting?


As far as Bookmarks go, there’s three main things to fix:

  1. Let us see ALL of our Bookmark folders in the dropdown menu when adding a new link / editing its title.

  2. Let us remove old Bookmarks in a folder by pressing Delete when highlighted. Currently, we have to dig for the Rename & Delete options.

  3. Allow us to rename a link by double clicking on it when highlighted in a folder.

Those three changes alone would go a long way to resolving the gripes about the feature.

I guess we’re not having any luck with the powers that be. No drop down tree view on the horizon.