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For the past month or so I get, several times a day, a small popup in the upper right of the screen merely stating “Can’t update Brave” and with a single button “reinstall”. Clicking anywhere on the screen outside that popup causes it to disappear. Checking “settings>about” says Brave is up to date.

Having just made a system backup I decided to see what happens if I click the “reinstall” button - it opens a google Chrome page wanting me to install Chrome ( Suspecting adware I ran Malwarebytes, it found a couple of suspicious adware files in the Auslogic Defrag program, which were quarantined. A couple of hours later the “Can’t update Brave” popped up again.

Otherwise Brave is running normally, but these popups are an irritant. (I would return to Firefox before installing Chrome.)

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Thanks for reaching out.
If the pop-up appears again, can you try and get a screenshot of it so I can get a clear idea of what you’re seeing?

Also, you said that your browser claims to be up to date – can you go to About Brave and tell me what version it shows?


“Brave is up to date
Version 0.58.16 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (32-bit)”

Are you on Windows, @jgf ?

Your Brave is outdated. The latest version is 1.9.x. In the past, there’s an issue that prevents users to upgrade the browser. But it’s already fixed and in order to get the fix, you’ll need the newer version. :sweat_smile:

Can you try:

  • Download the installer again from or if you have a copy on your machine
  • then close Brave (make sure there’s no background process/es)
  • run the installer. No need to uninstall , just run the installer
  • and Brave will fetch the latest release
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Win7, 32

So, is the issue that the updater wants to install Chrome rather than update brave?

No joy tonight. Clicking download does nothing. Lower Brave shields and get:

Try through VPN and get:

We may have been going through maintenece at the time you were trying to download. Try and download the installer again now. Also, you can get the offline installer from our Github page here.


D/l’d the full installer, all went well; we’ll see if those odd update notices reappear. New version seems slower than old (pages take longer to load).


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