Blank tab after reopening browser

So when i close browser with all my tabs open and i reopen the browser, new window is open with only 1 blank tab and research bar. I have to click control + shift + T to get back my tabs that i had opened, its annoying

@vxzs please check your settings at brave://settings/getStarted? In particular, what is set for On startup?

Settings - Brave 6_2_2023 15_28_53

My guess is you don’t have it set to Continue where you left off, therefore it’s opening to whatever you do have it set. This would be your New Tab page or the specific page (which may even just be blank) you have in your settings.

As to Ctrl + Shift + T is the command to Reopen the last closed tab, and jump to it, which kind of would make sense then if everything is as I said above. You’re closing the window and browser isn’t set to open what you last had. So then you’re hitting command to reopen last previous tab and it’s then opening. Everything sounds like it might be working as intended.

So if you’ll check and confirm, would be great.

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