Reopen closed tab

I think it would be great having a reopen closed tab option such as mozilla. (Reopen many tabs, not only the last one)

Hi @erick.color - welcome to community! When you close the browser and then open a new session, you can restore the tabs that you most recently had open.

That’s true, Steeven, but I think he means that we should have an option to reopen a tab we just closed (i.e. by accident) immediately, while in the same session. And, there is an option to do this- Ctrl-Shift-T, or right-click on the right end of the tab bar, and you’ll see that option in the menu.

It’s unbelievable how that option is missed.

Or Shift-Cmd-T on Mac…

Indeed. My guess is that he means Ctrl+Shift+T should also work in Private and Tor Sessions. The reason it does not, however, is a feature rather than a bug: it is a privacy concern, if you can simply reopen tabs that were closed in a private session, even if that session is still active.