Blank page when a link is opened in a new private tab

Wondering if anyone else has this issue…Still noticing this issue
Description of the issue:
Brave shows a blank page when a link opens in a new incognito tab
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Quit Brave Completely
  2. Open a new incognito tab in Brave
  3. Go to brave Homepage
  4. Scroll down to GitHub
  5. Click on GitHub
  6. Shows about:blank

Expected result:
Should go to GitHub page instead of showing a blank page
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.60.1 (
Mobile Device details
iPad 5th Gen(iOS 16.7.3)
Additional Information:
Works Fine in incognito tab on safari
No difference with shields down
Noticed this on other websites(Intermittent issue)

Thank you!


Please let me know if anyone else is experiencing this issue. Thank you

@Saoiray (Sorry for tagging but can someone please look into this issue)

@SaltyPear86 just want to clarify.

  • Is Github on your favorites within the dashboard? If not, just trying to understand where it is you’re at and where the Github link is located.

  • Also, is it just going to or is it set to a certain repository or whatever, such as

  • Does nothing else open to about:blank? It’s just the Github link you’re opening that happens routinely?

  • When you say noticed this on other sites, but as an intermittent issue, are those also being launched from your homepage or does this just happen while browsing? (Just trying to see if anything seems to be shared in common)

  • This only happens when in Private?

Not necessarily related to your issue, but are you aware they 16.7.4 that should be available for your iPad 5th Gen? Then for newer devices, they are on 17.2.1. I just mention as I tend to keep OS and apps all updated, so thought I’d mention in case you hadn’t thought to check lately.

I noticed this about:blank page happens on private browsing and sometimes on regular(like once or twice)

I updated to 16.7.4 thinking that it could solve the problem

Let me try to clarify if my post was confusing

If I open this link on brave for iOS(private browsing): (Example Website which I noticed the issue)

and tapping on any link in the description box takes me to a about:blank page and even if I close the blank page and retry same thing happens

  • When I follow the same instruction for safari private browsing, it works perfectly fine
    - However In Brave It works perfectly when I press and hold on the link and then click open in a new incognito tab

Let me know if it makes more sense. Thank you!

@Mattches Any thoughts on this?

Just adding a “me too”. iPad Mini 4 on iOS 15.8. I used to not have any problems, but now 99% of the time any link on any web page that navigates to a different site results in about: blank. About 25% of the time if I go back to the original tab and click the same link again, the redirect will work. Otherwise, I must tap-hold and choose “Copy clean link” and then open a new tab manually and Paste-and-go.

I think I was running a fairly old version of Brave up until a month ago when I finally updated it, so I can’t say this is a recent problem in Brave itself. But it absolutely started right after I updated to the latest version.

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Commenting to keep this alive :slight_smile:

Do you still see this problem in build 1.61.?

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Thank you for your reply. I have been using 1.61 when it was released and the issue is still there.

It works on my end. Checked with Youtube too.
We fixed couple of problems with new tab/about blank link opening in 1.61

Ok thank you, I will let you know if there are any issues :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. It doesn’t happen in all cases. If you close the blank page and try to reopen the same link in a new tab, it will open.

Are you using 1.61 build?

Thanks for the response!
I’m using Version 1.61 ( on iPhone XR, iOS 16.2.

Hey @michal I noticed the issue happening again
Version 1.61 (

@Saoiray I updated to 1.61.1 and I still getting the same issues. Hope someone can help with this. I have attached a recording as well. Thank you!

@michal want to tag in as you were helping prior. Then just tagging in @Mattches and @steeven so is on the radar.

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We are looking into this problem, we were able to reproduce it few times

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@michal Thank you for your response. Please let me know if this issue will be fixed in the upcoming updates(Example: 1.62). Thanks!

@michal Any updates on this issue?