Blank page when a link is opened in a new private tab

Yes we have 2 bugfixes related to blank websites in 1.62, stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! @michal and @Saoiray

Also noticed that iOS 17.4 will allow other browser engines than webkit(for the EU)

@Saoiray @michal

Description of the issue:
Using a search engine and clicking the link
to open it in a new tab often leads to “about:blank” error.
Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
Use search engine. Clicking on a search engine result to open a desired link. Get the error. I must reclick a few times or hold a button on a desired link and click “open in a new tab” in order to open link errorless.
Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
error “about:blank” instead of properly opened link in a new tab.

Expected result:
errorless opened link in a tab
Reproduces how often:
highly often
Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Brave Version 1.61.1 ( iPhone, iOS 15.8.1
Additional Information:

This bug first time occured approximately half year ago after some Brave update and since this time is happening. This bug does not occur in different browsers. Looks like this bug happens only while using Brave in permanent private mode setting.

This exactly. I created an account just to post this problem but you stated it perfectly. I noticed it when trying to click links from Maps, YouTube, Spotify, and even links within Brave itself. First click, opens new tab and nothing happens. Go back and click link again, it works! I thought maybe it was a security setting to a non-secure site and having to go back for a second click it affirms my decision to go there but I cannot find a setting akin to that process.

However, today I have noticed the redirect isn’t going to about:blank but it is going to the site with a gray circle and exclamation mark. Example: I’m in Spotify trying to find the price of Premium Duo and it has a link for information about Premium Duo, so I tap it. It opens up Brave to the website but the page is blank and there is small gray circle with an exclamation preceding it. I tap on the little gray circle and it says my connection to this website is not secure and I shouldn’t enter any personal information while on it, but the page is blank so yeah. I go back to Spotify and tap on the link again but this time the site loads perfectly fine.

Thankfully this issue is already being presented and we all hopefully have a solution!

I am also waiting for the solution as well :slight_smile:

Same problem on iPad with latest iPadOS, latest Brave and private navigation:
On eBay site tapping each link on a new product open a new blank page instead opening link.
Please fix!

@michal @Saoiray
Any update on this issue? Thank you

You were given the answer a while ago, I’ll quote it below:

You’ll see that Brave on iOS hasn’t updated to 1.62 yet. We just have to be patient until it releases. I’m wanting to say the iOS team already submitted it and it’s just waiting for Apple to clear it and update it on the App Store, but I’m not certain about that.

Main thing is just to “stay tuned” as mentioned and wait for that update to land.

Alright, Thank you so much!

@Saoiray @michal Just giving an update
Just updated to 1.62 and I have no issues as of now. Thank you very much! Appreciate it!


@Saoiray Just want to give a quick update, been on 1.62 and no issues. Thank you very much for assisting me! Have a wonderful day.

Also wanted to ask, when watching YouTube videos on brave, the resolution is always 1080p, is it an iOS thing or brave?

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